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Four criteria

Development Navigated by Wisdom

Over the years, based on the in-depth understanding of the development of the cosmetics industry, yaran international group's r&d and manufacturing center has continuously summarized a set of core concepts that meet the market demand and adapt to the development of the enterprise, namely, the four standards of technology, manufacturing, brand and service. Currently dominated by the brand standards, the four standard with technical standard, manufacture and service standards for the fulcrum, four are closely linked, together build the jalam international group development manufacturing center of enterprise's core competitiveness, is the most core research production centers in the cosmetics professional manufacturing guidelines, is research center as a custom brand experts strong support.

Technical Standard

Technical standard is from "application, storage, planning, research" four one on behalf of the customer brand quickly provide "no one I have, I have fine" products, is a concentrated embodiment of the professional technology research and development concept of yalan international group r & d and manufacturing center.
Application generation, ensure the technical rigor; Reserve generation, ensure the systematic and characteristic of research and development; Planning generation to ensure understanding of industry trends and concepts; Research generation, to ensure the long-term vitality of the enterprise.

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